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Four Types Of Aviation College Courses Ideal For Homebodies

A career as a pilot can send you all over the country or even the world. If you're a homebody and want to stay close to family and friends after graduating, there are still plenty of career options to consider for aviation schools. The following four courses can lead you to careers at local airports where travel is limited and you can still stay fully involved in the world of aviation. Browse through each type of course or career path and see if they fit your interests. Once you find an option that you love, you can look into possible internships or careers at nearby airports.

Airport Dispatcher Training

Instead of piloting a single aircraft, airport dispatcher training can put you in control of a whole fleet of planes. Through intensive air traffic control training, you will learn the operations and logistics of how an airport is run. A large part of these courses will focus on communications with airplanes and reading radar screens to help track flights. Through simulated lessons, you will learn how to deal with any problems, delays, and situations that may occur on a daily basis.

Along with learning airplane knowledge, the training will also cover a large section on meteorology. You will learn to read weather patterns, weather radars, and the protocol to follow during these bad weather situations. Once you pass the course, you can get a job as a dispatcher and slowly move up through the ranks at your local airport.

Aircraft Mechanic Programs

Learn how to repair, inspect, and troubleshoot all types of airplanes through an aircraft mechanic program. The programs feature hours of training on all different aspects of an aircraft. This includes the engine, cockpit, wings, and smaller areas like wheel housing. Each section of the program will focus on each part and include hands-on work so you can learn the functions of the plane and have the proper experience. Through this training, you will have the ability to get hired as a mechanic at your local airport. Once hired, you will inspect planes, perform repairs, and make sure that they are ready for flight.

Airport Driver

The runway is an important part of any airport. Along with the traffic control tower, there are drivers on the ground who help keep control and organization on a daily basis. Through training, you can learn to become an airport driver and work through different functions on the runway. Many college courses use FAA training tools to provide your learning experience. One of the more important aspects of this career track is safety. You will learn how a runway operates, your job functions, and safety hazards to look out for when traveling on the runway. Once you pass this course, you can get an official driving job on the runway and help keep things running smoothly from ground level.

Flight Instructor

If you have a passion to fly, but want to stay close to home, then you can use all of your flight training to become an instructor. Through flight training, you will get a lot of hours of practice flights with different types of aircraft. You may also learn through simulator training. In advanced courses, you can learn how to operate these simulators, teach others how to fly, and expand your flying knowledge.

A full flight training program typically needs to be completed before moving on to flight instructor courses and certification. Sometimes you can take both courses concurrently, but it's best to get your basic knowledge before moving on and learning the proper instruction. Once you have a flight instructor certificate, you can get hired through local training schools and programs. This includes training at both commercial and independent airports.

By considering other options, you can select the best career path that's right for you. Your dreams of being involved in aviation do not need to be hindered if you do not want to leave home.

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