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3 Steps To Feel More Confident About Your Senior Parent Driving

As your parent ages, he or she may slowly begin losing his or her independence, and this can be devastating to seniors. Driving is one type of freedom many seniors try to hold on to for as long as possible, simply because having the ability to get around is important. If you have concerns about your parent's ability to drive but do not want to eliminate this freedom if it isn't necessary yet, you could always take the following steps to make sure your parent is still capable of driving around safely.

Make Sure Your Parent Gets An Eye Exam

Poor vision is just one problem seniors may experience as they get older, and poor vision does not mix well with driving. If you want to feel better about your parent getting behind the wheel of a car, make sure he or she has visited an eye doctor recently. Seniors should have at least one eye exam per year, and this is a great safeguard to make sure your parent takes.

If the eye doctor feels that your parent's vision is fine for driving, you may feel better about it. When eye doctors feel that a person's vision is not good enough for driving, they will also tell you that. For your parent to continue driving, he or she must be able to pass an eye exam at the BMV, and this will only be possible if your parent's vision is fine.

Talk To Your Parent's Doctor

You could also talk to your parent's doctor about this. While vision problems are one reason people lose their freedom to drive, health conditions can also cause problems for people when driving. People can lose their freedom to drive if they suffer from mobility issues, arthritis, or many other health problems. Seniors may also have to stop driving if their reflexes are too slow or if they suffer from a memory-loss disease, such as Alzheimer's. Your parent's doctor can help you determine if your parent should or should not be driving.

Have Your Parent Take Driving Lessons

If your parent's vision and health are fine for driving, you could still take one more step just to make sure he or she is safe while driving, and this will involve driving lessons. Driving lessons like Morgan School Of Driving Inc are available for many purposes, and anyone can take these lessons. If you feel like your parent could benefit from this, you could encourage him or her to take these lessons from a local driving school. You can learn more about this by contacting a driving school in your area.

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