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Ask These Questions Before Choosing An Online Elementary School

Is an online elementary school the right choice for your child? Whether your child is just getting ready to start kindergarten or already partway through the elementary years, take a look at the questions to ask before you choose a cyber school option.

Why Do You Want Your Child To Attend An Online Elementary School Program?

There isn't one universal or "right/wrong" answer to this question. But this doesn't mean you shouldn't ask or answer it. The response you give to this question can shape your child's education and help you to learn more about your own academic beliefs or values. It can also clarify the importance a cyber elementary school may have for your family or for your child as a student. 

Common reasons some parents have to enroll their children in a cyber elementary school include the ability to self-pace, a more flexible schedule, medical/healthcare needs, increased development of independence, pre-professional pursuits (such as dance or a sport), family travel needs, or the need to develop strong technology skills. While these are some of the top reasons to choose an online program, they aren't the only ones. 

Does Your Child Want To Attend An Online School?

You're the parents and have the final say in your child's education. However, even though you're the planner and decision-maker, your child should have some input into this choice. Before you enroll your young student in a cyber elementary school, discuss this move as a family. Ask for your child's input or have them tell you what they think it means to go to an online elementary school. 

Younger children may not fully grasp the difference between this type of school and a traditional elementary until they are actually immersed in the program. This may mean that you need to discuss or explain the concept of cyber schooling to your child. Get creative and think about how your child will hear your words. Instead of cyber (or even "online"), you may want to talk about learning by using your home "computer." Some parents may choose to role-play or have the child act out a cyber schooling session as part of this discussion.

When you're sure that your child understands what cyber school is (and isn't), talk to them about whether they have a preference. Older children may express their thoughts clearly, while younger children may not know whether they want to (or don't want to) try this type of educational program.

For more information, contact a cyber school program to see if online elementary school is right for your child. 

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