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3 Steps To Feel More Confident About Your Senior Parent Driving

As your parent ages, he or she may slowly begin losing his or her independence, and this can be devastating to seniors. Driving is one type of freedom many seniors try to hold on to for as long as possible, simply because having the ability to get around is important. If you have concerns about your parent's ability to drive but do not want to eliminate this freedom if it isn't necessary yet, you could always take the following steps to make sure your parent is still capable of driving around safely. Read More 

Teaching Sight Words: How To Make It Fun

Now that your child is beginning to learn their phonics, how do you begin teaching them to read? Reading is part sounding out words, and part recognizing sight words. After your child knows their phonics, they can sound out some words, but there are some words that are a little more difficult to sound out such as the word "the" or "you". These words are sight words and you can teach these words to your child in a way that makes learning fun. Read More 

How To Survive Teaching Your Child To Drive

Ah, to be young again; reckless, feckless, and in the middle of a full blown invincibility complex. If the previous sentence describes your teenager, you're probably not thrilled with the idea of letting them slide behind the wheel of two tons of vehicular manslaughter charges waiting to happen. Never fear, teaching a teenager to drive safely and responsibly is simpler than you might think, and there are some hacks you can use to get you both thorough this rite of passage alive. Read More 

Understanding Sprituality In Montessori Centers

Before enrolling your child in a day care center, particularly a Montessori school, it is important to determine that their approach to religion and spirituality aligns with your family's approach. Although Maria Montessori was a practicing Catholic and was concerned about developing morality and religion in children, the basis of the Montessori method is secular. Most Montessori day care centers in the United States also follow a secular model. However, many Montessori programs have a different approach to religion, morality, and spirituality than most public day care centers. Read More 

3 Different Types Of Material Testing Equipment Used To Measure Viscosity

Determining the specific viscosity of a certain material is important in many industries, as gathering data on viscosity can give manufacturers a better idea on how the material may react with other elements and behave in the real world. Viscosity is best defined as the consistency of the material in terms of fluidity. Due to the importance of being able to accurately and precisely determine the value of this property, there are plenty of different types of material testing equipment designed to specifically measure viscosity. Read More 

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refreshing your knowledge to help kids with homework

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