refreshing your knowledge to help kids with homework

Careers In Medical Billing And Records

Healthcare is a rapidly growing field with a constant, insatiable demand for new talent. Although most people first think of patient facing professionals when considering healthcare career options, in reality there are a wide variety of behind-the-scenes roles that are equally important to the proper functioning of any healthcare organization. These positions are filled by highly trained professionals who perform accounting, billing, records keeping, and many more administrative tasks. If you are interested in breaking into this interesting and often lucrative field, becoming an expert in medical billing or records administration is a great way to get your foot into the door. Read More 

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refreshing your knowledge to help kids with homework

When I was in high school 20 years ago, I didn't take the learning process seriously. I did what was necessary to pass one grade to the next and graduate. Soon after graduating, I got married and started my family. After struggling for years to help my kids with homework that should have been easy for me to do, I decided to go back to school to take some refresher courses and learn what I should have learned the first time around. My blog will show you different resources that you can use to help you assist your kids with homework that is beyond your knowledge level.